Time Series 4 – Love, Pride, Happiness and Gratitude

Are you at a place and time in your life where you are satisfied with every part of your life? Is there love, pride, happiness and do you have gratitude?

If yes, then congratulations. You’re probably the 75% of the population that can say that about their life. These people love every aspect of their life and wouldn’t change a thing. If an improvement or something exciting were to come along (or needed changing) they would make an addition/deletion but overall they are pretty much satisfied with who they are and their station in life.

If no, you seriously need to take some time and re-evaluate where you are and why. Something has caused you to go off the rails and maybe you don’t know what it is. You have thought about it and you just can’t seem to get your life going again and be truly happy.

Maybe it was a life event that you sent you in a tailspin. Did you grow up without these four items in your life (Love, Happiness, Pride, and Gratitude)? Do you have a couple of these items but the others seem unattainable? Do you feel you will never be at a place in your life again where you seem completely at peace with yourself?

When evaluating your life you need to look at the following four areas and ask yourself some tough questions. It is possible to turn your life around.

At the time of this writing, it is near the end of another year. Not that you have to wait for a specific time to make the determination to change your life, but everyone seems to think the new year is the best time to make changes.

And because we have been talking about improving and organizing your life in the time management series, this would be a great time to add these items to your daily, weekly or monthly calendar. If you start working on them now, it won’t take long before you start to see a massive improvement.

The time is NOW since we are talking about managing your time and your life!


Who do you love right now? A spouse? Your children? Your family? A good friend? Who is really special to you and you can be absolutely sure that you love them with all your heart? You know what true love is, right? True love means that you love unconditionally and don’t expect anything in return. Yes, people will love you in return but unconditional love like the love of your child is the pinnacle of love.

Can you count on your 10 fingers who loves you? Truly loves you. Do you know who you could love if you don’t have anyone right now? Who would you be willing to let love you? Do you put up barriers? Maybe you have been through something terrible or traumatic. You have put up walls and won’t let anyone in.

This is a terrible way to go through life because the feeling of being loved is one of the most satisfying feelings on earth.


Are you accomplished in life? What are you proud of that you have done? Is there something coming up in the near future? You don’t have to have won any medals here. Are you a good mother or father? A good son or daughter?  Are you a good neighbor, worker, etc. Do you own your own home? Do you go to worship weekly? There are things in your life that you can be proud of without feeling that you need acknowledgement.


Are you happy or sad? Is there anything that you can be happy about right now? Is there anything you are looking forward to? Are you expecting a baby? What about a raise or a promotion? What truly makes you happy and gets you excited? If there isn’t anything, make something happen. No one else can MAKE you happy but you. Your happiness comes solely from within you.


And, lastly, are you grateful for what you do have? Being grateful presents other things that come from out of the blue or are unexpected. When you look at your life and become grateful for all that you do have, more good things usually show up in your life. Think of some things that you can be grateful for right now.

By putting a little thought and effort into the love, pride, happiness and gratitude areas of your life, you will be amazed at what else will show up.

To Your Success,